Orosi , 2016, steel and paint, 6X13X3 feet  *   “Orosi”  is a sculpture that commemorates force and torque over a long span of time. The piece takes its form from a fire escape attached to the side of an abandoned Freemason Temple in Orosi, CA. The fire escape was incrementally destroyed by dozens and dozens of accidents. Over the span of 11 years, semi-trucks crashed into the fire escape as they backed down the narrow alley on their way to a tangerine farm.
  Exit Strategy,  2017 at CES gallery.   *   Exit Strategy  is a sculpture and 7 lines of text. The sculpture consists of sixteen handmade retractable belt stanchions, carved completely from MDF, down to the latches and nylon straps. The text was made in collaboration with poet Sara Ellen Fowler. Her poetry is rendered directly on the wall out of the dust made while carving the sculpture.       
  Spare Keys (California),  2016, keys  *  The shoreline of California was cut into a set of house keys. The ideal site for this work is the inside of a pocket. The second most desirable installation would be casually set down on a desk or a counter-top. The third most desirable location would be hung on hooks near the entrance to a room. 
  Collapsible Scissor Gates (Red) , 2016, dyed MDF, 8X10X10 feet  *   “Collapsible Scissor Gates (Red) ,” takes the form of commercial security gates commonly found throughout Los Angeles. Carved entirely from dyed red MDF, down to the threads on the screws. The fully articulable sculpture is installed in the main corridor of the gallery, blocking access to the majority of the space. As a result, the sculpture disrupts the flow of traffic, forcing a detour around the building.
  La Estrella , 2015, MDF, 33X56X56 inches  *   “La Estrella”  is a replication of a table at a taco shop in the quickly gentrifying neighborhood of Highland Park, Los Angeles. The original tabletop has over 40 years of carvings on its surface. This collectively created “drawing” was redrawn and digitally etched into the surface of the sculpture. The entire form of the table, including the gum stuck underneath, is rendered in unfinished MDF. The sculpture is un-fixed and vulnerable. 
  Refuge , 2017, plaster  installation view at Garden, Los Angeles
  Collapsible Barrier (Purple) , 2016, dyed MDF, 8X8X2 feet  *  While transporting the sculpture I accidentally locked the keys in the U-haul. The van was still running in an Albertson’s parking lot.  “Collapsible Barrier (Purple)”  is completely carved from dyed particleboard, down to the nuts and bolts. The sculpture stands in the room as a symbol of security but in actuality is ineffectual and vulnerable to touch. I called AAA.
  Wasp Nest (Mr. Horsepower) , 2016, Xerox paper, steel, 66X24X11 inches  *  Wasp colonies make their nests by chewing tree, plant and paper waste fibers from their environment and regurgitating it into a pulp. The pulp is deposited in a circular motion around the hibernating queen. The paper nests are built in strata, with thousands of individual layers amassed over a period of a few weeks . The nest is constructed by the entire hive, an architecture communally built by its inhabitants. " Wasp Nest (Mr. Horsepower)"  is made from standard Xerox paper. The sculpture was built by machine cutting thousands of individual layers of paper, and gluing them together one by one.The machine, designed to rapidly prototype small parts, ran for 3 solid weeks in order to complete the form.